About Us

Comely Models is an exclusive and luxurious private escort agency based in Thailand. We specialize in representing top international models, fashion models, beauty pageant winners, exquisite students/graduates and travel companions. We have a focus on providing exceptional high quality, luxurious and discretion.

We set our agency standards - And we will never stop striving for excellence and achieving trust of our clients by being honest and open with our clients. Our model's photos are genuine and accurate and we will by no means showing our clients the photos of the model that is totally different from the model that turns up.

In ComelyModels our greatest assets are its clients and models. With this belief, the agency has chosen 4 core values to govern the agency -  CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITY / ASSURANCE OF QUALITY / COMMITMENT TO SERVICE EXCELLENCE / MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECT

CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITYOur success is based upon our integrity. In Comely Models, we believe that in order to be successful in either business or in life, we must be honest and open with our clients. We strongly believe that integrity makes a strong relationship between the agency and our clients as integrity will always leads to client's trust and faith in our agency. 

ASSURANCE OF QUALITYTo provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We select every single model through conducting interviews personally by the agency. We make certain that we will provide the highest quality models and services, ensuring client retention and satisfaction.

COMMITMENT TO SERVICE EXCELLENCEWe are passionate about providing our clients with the highest quality of enjoyment and pleasure. We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them to arrange the most memorable date with an elegant and sophisticated model. It is our prompt responses, consistent communication with our clients, quality details of our models, authentic and up to date photos of our models and a focus on providing a superior experience for our clients each and every time. Our promise to deliver the best quality of services is what drives our commitment to our clients.

MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECTWe treat others as we expect to be treated. We respect our clients. We believe in them. We understand them. We trust them. Great relationships are built upon and powered by respect and trust. Respect for clients as well as respecting each other. At Comely Models, we respect each other. We are open and honest. We trust in, rely on and respect each other. We hold ourselves to high standards because we believe we are up to any challenge.

Interested in being part of our communityComely Models exclusive members have experienced exceptional 100% commitment from the models during the time spent with them. Each model is exceptionally stunning, sophisticated and is dedicated to always fully committed ensuring that the time you spent with her is gratifying and fulfilling.

You can be certain that each and every experience while it may be a fantasy for you, will be one complete enjoyment in every single way. Each of the models is not only beautiful, but also well-educated and have accomplished success in her profession. The standards of beauty, intelligence, presentation and charm ensure that you always encounter the highest quality companion from us. 

''We realize your desirable fantasy''. Only Comely Models have the potential to let your fantasies come true. The aim is to let every client enjoy the utmost luxurious entertainment from Comely Models. We are committed to ensuring each and every client are completely satisfied with the quality of the models and services as we believe in a long-term working relationship of trust and mutual benefits.