Benefits of becoming a member

  • Reservation of our exquisite models
  • Priority notification of new models ( Prior to the newsletter update )
  • Priority reservation for all new models
  • Access to the private gallery that featured full and un-blurred photographs of our models.
  • Special promotions and attractive packages.
  • Access to our Dedicated members gallery
  • Access to the exclusive section featuring top fashion models, celebrities and beauty pageant finalist. This section gives our most trusted clients access to some of our exclusive models featuring top fashion models, celebrities and beauty pageant finalist. Access to the exclusive section is available to existing clients who have completed at least 3 reservations with our agency.
  • Invitation to exclusive events    


Please take note that ComelyModels membership is divided into three different levels of membership : Basic / Elite / Exclusive. Below are the description of the different levels of membership.

Basic Member - Providing us with the necessary details for membership application and pass our screening process.

Premium Member - To achieve Premium status, you will need to have two successful reservations.

Exclusive Member - To achieve Exclusive status, you will need to have four successful reservations.

The popularity, quality and the beauty of the models that are represented by our agency are classified into 3 different categories. You will be able to gain access into different type of categories according to your membership status.The higher your status, the more exclusively models you will gain access to.

Models that are represented in our exclusive category consists of the most exclusive models you will ever see : beauty pageant finalist, top fashion / magazine models and celebrities. 

                                              Membership Application

If you're interested to become a member of our agency. Please fill up the reservation form here and provide the necessary information needed. We will get back to you within a 24-hour time frame after we received your email.

Under the model's section, you may randomly choose one of the following models. No confirmation of the reservation will be made till you have passed our screening process. Once you have passed our screening process, you will received the access to our private gallery for viewing of our model's uncensored photos.

Reservation form received without providing the necessary information will be disregarded. 

Approval is not guaranteed and membership can be revoked at any time by our agency.

Please be assured that your private details will be treated confidentially by us. We simply need these details when contacting you and be able to equally guarantee privacy for both the client and the model.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Membership of our agency is highly selective. Only referrals from our existing members and new clients that have successfully passed through our screening process will be chosen to become part of our community.